Difference Between Old-School and New-School

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Published: 24th February 2011
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Talk to most people about a notebook. The time has come to recover the word notebook from the technology fiend, and return it to its equitable place as something with paper that you write in with a pen.
I know its old shaped, but I like pen and paper, in particularly, I like notebooks. I have a large collection of notebooks, some full, some empty, some half used - the fraction is attractive even. My favorite’s notebooks feel significant in the hand, and have blank sparkly paper - the sort of paper the pen glides across like a shape skater performing wonderful pirouettes.
Being a writer, people seem to think notebooks are a great gift for me, and I've been given some beautiful ones over the years. However, I've never had the heart to tell anyone that I'd slightly choose my own. Whilst shorter ones may only last a couple of months, larger ones are a six month minimum, and that's a big commitment.
My association with my notebook is a personal one. I am quick to leave if I don't feel things are working early on. I've tried having a bit of strength, but I find it stilts me creatively. If I don't want to use the book, I don't write.
Different types of notebooks:
Note Books - Soft Cover:
These notebooks are ideal for students, creative artists and professional. The soft cover notebooks are more flexible and its comfort to use anywhere.
Note Books - Hard Cover:
These notebooks are made off high quality heavy paper and are perfect for any purpose. Many custom options and combinations are available for this Hard cover note books.
Long Size Note Books:
The note books are made of quality paper and have a smooth finish offering unmatched writing comfort.
Multi-subject Note Books:

These note books offer the prime advantage of writing different subjects in a single note book and that too in a well organized / segregated manner and School Exercise Notebooks, Accounts Note Books available here.
Then I have a planning notebook where I work through ideas. This is bigger and has to have blank pages to enable me to draw diagrams and write at amusing angles. However, I am allowed to write whatever I wish in this book, apart from to-do lists which have to go in the general notebook.
Hopefully there's a band of people out there ready to stand and be counted, ready to reclaim notebooks for the humble pen and paper. But I have to admit that I wrote the final version of this item on a notebook. Maybe it's the mix of old formed writing ideas down by hand and the fast word processing character of a notebook that make my writing an all-round enjoyable experience.

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